Aegli Café

Aegli Café is one of the most historic cafes of Athens and one of the most dynamic departments of the multiplex; with more than 200.000 visitors per year it is the meeting place of the intellectual, artist and financial elite of Athens while among its customers are prominent personalities from the world of art, business, politics as well as many celebrities who enjoy their fresh homemade sweets and ice creams as well as Greek traditional dishes.

Embraced by the natural beauty of the National Garden and isolated from the noisy town, which is nonetheless only two steps away, Aegli Café can offer you quality moments every time of the day.

Aegli Café starts early in the morning with excellent drinks, goes on in the noon with tasteful dishes and concludes at night with fine choices of malts and cocktails.

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Furthermore, the chef patisserie with the special fantasy, produces on a daily basis exceptional mixtures of ingredients, offering unique creations of confections and ice cream.


Menu with Greek inspiration

The weekends of Aegli are dedicated to the Greek tradition and to families. Every Saturday and Sunday, loved Greek flavors based on traditional recipes are presented!


Aegli Café - Garden of Zappio (entrance from Vas. Olgas Avenue)
Tel: 210 3369302, 210 3369300
Working hours: Daily from 09.00 – 00.00
Parking: Available

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