History of Aegli

“The most enjoyable meeting point in Athens”
Since 1904, Aegli Zappiou consist an integral part of the social life in Athens. In the early 20 century the “Beer Restaurant Aegli” was associated with Athens of the “Belle Epoque” and the Balkan Wars.
Aegli played a very important role during the interwar and after-war period in relation to the social life as well as for the daily life of the Athenian people constituting a public social place with a multi stratification range.

On the small tables of Aegli - “The most enjoyable meeting point in Athens” as the advertisement of those times used to say - scholars, artists and simple people of those times used to meet in order to enjoy their coffee or their orange crush. In the late decade of 1910 one of the first aestival Cinemas, which was established in Athens, became operational in Aegli.

Aegli Zappiou consist the most characteristic scenery for original pictures of Athens as she was in former times, which are reminding us of the black-white movies produced in this place.

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