First Class Dining - Creative Greek Cuisine

From May 1, 2011 on, the award-winning Cibus restaurant, in Aegli Zappiou, promises to take you to a first-class Greek tasting trip through the newly arrived Greek Creative Cuisine proposal by chef Dimitris Dimitriadis. The best value for money restaurant in Athens gives you the opportunity to enjoy new first-rate gastronomic experiences with ingredients originating in the Greek tradition. Discover tastes beyond usual, which all the same keep up the values of their Greek source of origin!

The tasting trip includes 21 “Greek destinations”, such as Salad with various tomato varieties (yellow, red “pineapple” and black tomatoes from the Karelakis farm, a small Cretan producer), quinoa, green beans with Mytilene white “Kalathaki” cheese sauce, pea gazpacho with mint, potato mousse and Lefkada salami, marinated sardines with roasted red peppers from Florina, olive oil, yellow split peas (fava) and honey vinaigrette. The trip goes on with couscous with sauté squid, Igoumenitsa shrimps with lemon grass, “Vineyard” lamb with dried grapes, roasted potatoes, feta cheese and vine leaves’ sauce, cod fish with walnut oil, beetroot ravioli with garlic potatoes and ouzo foam, and vacuum-cooked beef riblets, eggplant polenta with onion and tomato confit.

And, for the end, what could be better than a refreshing basil-lime jelly with strawberries, lemon grass ice-cream with apple foam, Guanaja chocolate with chocolate sable cookies, strawberry marmalade and Lemnos Muscat wine ice-cream, or yogurt cream with peaches, sesame honey candy (pasteli), herb foam and verbena jelly?

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Cibus Business Lunch & Dinners

The combination of the extraordinary view and the imaginative food either by having lunch or dinner contributes to the conclusion of successful cooperations. The flexible multifunction space, the experience of the personnel, the easy access, the available parking as well as the choices for fine menu choices with fresh ingredients consist a guaranty of our quality.

The high quality of the menu is signed by the chef Dimitris Dimitriadis and elevates the wonderful Greek cuisine, constituting a guaranty of higher gastronomical perception in popular prices.

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Cibus Cellar - An endless aromatic travel of tasting…

Enjoy a luxuriant lunch or dinner by straining any tasting tense resources with wines, competing in richness and aroma.

The complete renewed wine vault consisting from 350 “Diamonds” of excellent wine producers of the Greek and foreign vineyards, is ready to surprise the wine lovers, which will discover labels even from small wineries as well as rare wines in very popular prices. The wine vault is constantly being renewed with some of the finest wine labels, satisfying even the most exacting tasters.


Cibus Restaurant - Garden of Zappio (Entrance from the Vas. Olgas Avenue)
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